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The following session descriptions closely follow the Universal Principles of Anusara Alignment

Session Descriptions:

Align with Grace:

This heart inspiring workshop will take you from the beginning of Anusara alignment principles to incorporating them into the asanas (postures) thus creating a strong foundation in which to work from. This segment is the basis for everything, be it in Fitness or in a pure Yoga class and with your clients.
Learning Objectives:
1.) Start from the beginning learning key Anusara alignment principles in which the Yoga is     created from.
2.) By building these Anusara alignment principles they may then be incorporated into other types of classes.
3.) Learn the power of the Breath, use it as a primary tool in which to work from.
4.) Learn to exercise "meditation in motion".
5.) Putting all the tools together see how your create inner strength from your WHOLE Core!


Yoga Postures on the Ball

In Sansrit "Balasana" means child's pose. This is the softer element of strength and grace. Do you feel strong from your core from working on the ball or doing Yoga? Here's an opportunity to work from your WHOLE center by combining the 2 mediums together. Inner focus, breathe and create greater flexibility and strength as you move through Yoga on the Ball. You'll find even more core strength in this mindful workshop.
Learning Objectives:
Learning Objectives:
1.) Learn Yoga movements verses simple exercises on the Ball.
2.) Working from perfect alignment work on the ball in a safe and effective way.
3.) Experience the difference of inner focus type class verses one that may be "mindless".
4.) From this 'inner focus" see how stability and core strength increase.
5.) By sharing a taste of Yoga in this format it may intrigue the student into further exploration of Yoga. 

Yoga Bar:

Teach a core conditioning class with the Body Bar or weights from Anusara Yoga based alignment. This is a class that you can work from deep within your core. Play with balance more then you're used to. Learn to challenge your students. Help them create an awareness of all the muscles they are working. Conscious effort equals great balance, strength and vitality.
Learning Objectives:
1.) Working from the perspective of perfect alignment work with the bar in a safe and effective way.
2.) Learn how to develop deep strength from the inside of your core out.
3.) Work with the breath and inner focus to create better overall results of inner peace and core strength.
4.) Learn unique ways to utilize the bar with Yoga based postures.
5.) Create more flexibility, range of motion and of course playfulness with the bar.

Yogi Band:

This dynamic workshop will incorporate flat bands in Yogic perspectives. Utilize the breath to focus and move. Awareness on good body alignment will assist as one moves through Yoga postures. Use the flat band as a prop to help stretch and strengthen one's postures. Can be used in a typical Fitness based class with postural awareness or can be used from a more Yogic format.
Learning Objectives:
1.) Bands and Yoga postures combined will be learned.
2.) Learn how to use this stretchy band to help stretch as well as challenge one's balance.
3.) Feel the difference between using a flexible band verses a non-stretching one.
4.) See how this stretchy tool can challenge the mind thus tuning into one's inner focus to create
inner strength of the mind and body.
5.) PLAY with one's balance more then a normal fitness class with these stretchy tools!

SMOooOTH Integration into Yoga:

Many of you teach a variety of classes or may be personal trainers focusing on your clients needs. In this workshop learn how to incorporate yoga poses, breathing practices and relaxation techniques into your fitness activities. Utilize these poses with props like bands, balls or bars. Introduce yoga to your variety of skills as a non intimidating, approachable and effective tool. Learn how to make the transition for yourself easier!
Learning Objectives:
1.) Discuss the pros and cons that you are experiencing in this (possibly) new path.
2.) Discuss concerns about moving into a new field like this.
3.) Look at Yogis philosophy to help tie in your integration process.
4.) Learn how to find your center and work from there in all that you do.
5.) Develop a program that works for you!

Trance Yoga Flow:

Experience the deeper rhythm of our hearts and soul through this powerful, playful and penetrating workshop. Move to music that will talk to your heart, open and stretch your body and cultivate Grace & strength. When we play with the powerful tools of Yoga and or dance we unfold our sweet inner essence. Why not do both together... the gift of this experience is huge!
Learning Objectives:
1.) Experience one’s own inner flow and creative juices through mindful movement of yoga and dance in both a playful and healing way .
2.) To let the asanas (postures) strengthen our students physically & emotionally.
3.) To connect with the power of one’s Prana: life force.
4.) Learn to connect their students with the "self” from within each of us.
5.) Empower your self as a teacher to empower your students through these 2 forms of movement.

Strengthen Your Immune System: Yogically:

Based on Anusara Yoga's principles of alignment learn to safely and effectively strengthen the immune system with deep twisting postures. By stimulating the organs and detoxifing the body one will feel cleared, cleansed and stimulated. It is also a powerful way to prepare one's mind and body for meditation which we will do.

Ashtanga with a Twist of Anusara Yoga:

Let this full body workshop stretch every limb of your body from the inside out. Focusing on the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga we'll incorporate the Anusara principles. In Sanskrit the word "Anusara" means to open to grace or to go with the flow. We'll playfully, mindfully & openly flow in a vigorous practice. (Recommended for those w/ some experience in a least one of these 2 styles of Yoga)
Learning Objectives:
1) Learn the sequence of Ashtanga's primary series.
2) Learn the 5 principles of alignment of Anusara Yoga.
3) See how the 2 styles of Yoga blend so beautifully together.
4) Utilize the Anusara principles of alignment go deeper into the Ashtanga series in a SAFE & EFFECTIVE way.
5) See how these principles of Anusara Yoga can effectively be incorporated into your classes or
with your clients from a fitness perspective.

Yogi Breathing:

In this workshop learn different Pranayama breathing techniques that will deepen your understanding of
how it is used in Yoga, Fitness and your life as a whole.
Learning Objectives:
1.) Learn about your Prana: Vital life force.
2.) Experience the results of slow conscious breathing verses fast and shallow.
3.) See the benefits of mindful breathing.
4.) Discuss how the breath benefits your health as a whole.
5.) Learn to use your breath to draw your senses inward. 

Yogi Meditation:

In this workshop learn meditation in a playful yet focused way to be able to then create meditation
in motion when doing all other things such as fitness and training.
Learning Objectives:
1.) Learn tools to meditate.
2.) Teach your students how to quiet the "monkey mind".
3.) Cultivate inner stillness through meditation.
4.) Develop a practice that can be used throughout one's WHOLE life.
5.) Learn how meditation in motion creates the power and gift of each moment in one's life.

Family Yoga:
This is the art of playing truly from your heart. It is a great class to offer people of all ages in a group-oriented environment. It's a fun way to do Yoga for your first time and or to be with younger ones who are so flexible, both mentally & physically.
Learning Objectives:
1) Play with a quality way to involve the little ones and their parents in clubs in a group setting.
2) Learn one of the best ways to become a lighter, more flexible and humorous teacher.
3) Teach the importance of implementing stretching and it's benefits for both adults and kids.
4) See how it is an easy way to teach a true beginner how to do simple poses in a non-threatening environment
5) Simply stated: Learn about FUN, Laughter and Open-Heartedness!
Meal in Silence:

Learning Objectives:
1.) Experience food at a whole other level!
2.) Turn something we take for granted into a sacred experience.
3.) Develop "mindfulness" in all things, including eating.
4.) Experience the silence, and then experience the power behind the food.
5.) Continue to develop mind, body and spirit centeredness by doing so in silence while doing "something else".

Hike in Silence:

This is yet another profound experience of being in silence. In this hike your senses will awaken and unfold the beauty of nature in ALL things. You don't have to be climbing the mountain here, this hike can also be lead in the busy streets of New York. Simply find your center in all situations and environments.
Learning Objectives:
1.) By incorporating mindful movement see how it affects the emotional and physical body.
2.) Experience your heart and gratitude through silence.
3.) Turn something we take for granted into a sacred experience.
4.) Learn to develop a new way of looking, seeing the beauty in ALL things, including ones
you may not normally think of beautiful, etc.
5.) Use many of the tools i.e. breath, inner focus and centeredness to cultivate DEEP Core
Strength from within through silence.

What is Fusion Fitness?  


Fusion Fitness Training is a non-purist approach to traditional forms of training. It is perfect blend of Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Conditioning that challenges strength, balance & flexibility, increases stamina, focuses the mind and cleanses the spirit.

This training program is designed to teach fitness leaders how to integrate mind/body activities into their fitness programs. We will present specific techniques based on a selection of exercises and postures from Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Conditioning. Our approach is centered on physiology and biomechanics including joint safety, modifications and adaptations of the more traditional forms of mind/body training.
• has been designed specifically for fitness professionals seeking the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the areas of yoga and Pilates.
• takes a modern approach to training the traditional forms of yoga and Pilates while integrating a blend of fitness conditioning and adding current knowledge and research into the delivery of this course.
• is centered on physiology and biomechanics including joint safety, modifications and adaptations of the more traditional forms of mind-body training.
• integrates familiar fitness moves that blend in well with the yoga postures and Pilates exercises.

Fusion Fitness Training is a program to teach leaders how to find a deeper understanding and to create a sanctuary amidst the chaos of daily life.

Our Workshops:
• Designed by fitness professionals for fitness professionals Foundation of Fusion Fitness Course
• Pre-requisites to register: Must have a current valid and recognized certification in the fitness industry.
• No previous experience in yoga or Pilates is required. Fusion Fitness Training Certification
• On successful completion of a written examination, candidates will be considered "Fusion Fitness" certified and receive formal recognition (see benefits below).

Course Content:
• Understand the history & development of Fusion based exercise(s).
• The science and studio applications behind every exercise • How to create the Fusion environment and atmosphere.
• Increase your understanding of breath control in the teaching of exercise.
• Learn the tools to deliver safe and effective fusion training classes.
• Gain the confidence and teaching skills to successfully instruct a fusion training class.

• Fusion-Fitness-Training Course Manual
• All workshops qualify for ACE, AFAA, CanFitPro credits as well as Canadian Provincial Certification Credits..
• Fusion-Fitness Certificate of Completion / on successful completion of examination
• Free listing on Fusion-Fitness-Training.com website as a "Certified Fusion-Fitness Instructor"
• Free subscription to Fusion-Fitness Electronic Newsletter on the latest research and development in Fusion Fitness.

Course Outline Saturday:
• Introduction – philosophy – mind body training (30 minutes)
• Fusion fitness master-class (60 minutes)
• Integration of three practices, understanding breath (20 minutes)
• Spinal anatomy and movement review (40 minutes)
• Fitness conditioning (90 minutes)
-Lunch Break
• Yoga (90 minutes)
• Pilates (90 minutes)
• Day review (30 minutes)

Course Outline Sunday:
• Integrated exercises (30 minutes)
• Specialty considerations (45 minutes)
• Class design and fusion class formats (45 minutes)
• Teaching skills (30 minutes)
• Written exam (60 minutes)
- Lunch break
• Fusion fitness master-class (45 minutes)
• Practical rehearsal (45 minutes)
• Practical presentations (120 minutes)
• Exam Review (30 minutes)
• This sample workshop schedule is a guideline and may be adjusted to meet the needs of the participants

THE END: Namaste!

Contact Sue: sue@yogawithatwist.net